ADHD can be shit

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I was diagnosed with ADHD just over two years ago now. The medication I take helps, but some days my brain just doesn’t work well. Today was one of those days. 

And, as well as the difficulties of ADHD, many of us (especially those of us diagnosed later in life) have what is called ADHD Syndrome, which is a cluster of additional symptoms (such as depression and anxiety) that result from the negative effects of living with a neurological condition that is easily read as a character flaw.

Today my ADHD Syndrome has been in overdrive. Starting this blog, and having other writing projects I have been focused on, means that I have less energy for ‘keeping my shit together’. If I don’t put all my attention on being ‘as not ADHD as possible’, I quickly descend into chaos. But that is not a good use of my time and energy, so here we are.

Still, there were some enjoyable moments today, one of which was my new routine of having lunch every Thursday with my (now adult) son at Matt’s Bakery in Chandler’s Ford, before getting grocery shopping at Aldi.

A granary roll filled to bursting with coronation chicken, lettuce and cucumber.

They have the best filled rolls in the area! Anytime you are in Eastleigh or Chandler’s Ford, check out either of their two shops: 

Matt’s Bakery and Coffee Corner, Boyatt Wood Shopping Centre, Shakespeare Road, Eastleigh, SO50 4QP


Matt’s Bakery, 9 Falklands Road, Chandler’s Ford, SO53 3GA


I am a wanderer and a wonderer.

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